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CryoPen® for Benign Skin Lesions 

Cryotherapy for Benign Skin Lesions



Cryotherapy is a relatively low-risk procedure to treat a variety of benign skin lesions.

Cryotherapy with CryoPen® involves direct application of extremely cold, high-pressure nitrous oxide directly to the lesion. This causes the controlled destruction of tissue by necrosis or tissue death. Tissue death occurs with rapid freezing at -290C and the CryoPen® delivers nitrous oxide at -890C. The nitrous oxide destroys tissue by freezing the intracellular fluid and forming ice shards and crystals that rupture the cell membrane, destroying the cells.

The CryoPen® is an advanced cryotherapy device offering many advantages over traditional cryotherapy. It delivers the nitrous oxide at a much colder and higher pressure than traditional sprays, making it an extremely fast and effective treatment.

It has pinpoint accuracy being able to treat lesions ranging from 1mm to 10mm in size without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

It is safe enough to treat lesions on delicate areas such as the face and close to the eyes.

The CryoPen® O is a Doctor-only operational device which is significantly more powerful than other devices due to utilising larger cartridges such that it can treat lesions faster and penetrate deeper to target a large variety of lesions.


Benign Cosmetic skin lesions easily treated with CryoPen® 



Skin tags

Benign moles

Solar Lentigines


 Cherry angiomas

 Seborrhoeic keratosis




 Molluscum contagiosum

 Actinic Keratosis


Contraindications to treatment

Impaired sensation or circulation

Areas with superficial nerves

Open wounds

Skin cancer

Hypersensitivity to cold

Lesion of suspicious or unknown diagnosis


Possible side effects


Pigmentary changes (hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation)

Nerve damage (in susceptible areas)

Hair follicle damage

Shards of frozen ice (temporary)


At a Glance

NUMBER OF TREATMENTSUsually 1-2 treatments 7-10 days apart or 2-3 weeks apart depending on the type of lesion.
PROCEDURE TIME2-30 seconds treatment per lesion
RECOVERY TIMEUsually immediate
BACK TO NORMALUsually immediately however some may experience some stinging for a few hours
FINAL RESULTSVaries but some noticeable improvement after 1 treatment
DURATION OF RESULTSUsually permanent
POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONSPigment changes, nerve damage, loss of hair
PRECAUTIONS POST PROCEDUREAvoid covering the area.
ContraindicationsPregnancy and Breastfeeding.
Skin Cancer or suspicious moles.
Impaired sensation or circulation.
Hypersensitivity to cold.
What conditions is this suitable for?Warts & verrucas,
Skin tags,
Age spots,
Seborrhoeic keratosis, cherry angiomas.
Any pre-treatment necessary?Pre-treated Verrucas have more successful outcome.

Disclaimer: Each person is unique so there will always be variation in individual response to treatment, recovery, and downtime following treatment. Please bear in mind that the above are estimates. Please book an appointment with me for your tailor-made treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does cryotherapy work?

Cryotherapy is simply a procedure that uses extreme cold to destroy tissue. The process is called cryo-necrosis, that is, tissue destruction by freezing.

CryoPen® O is Doctor-only use Premium device with a more extended scope of applications. It is both a CE approved and FDA registered device.

How is cryotherapy better than other methods for removing skin lesions?

Cryotherapy is a quick procedure. It does not require any anaesthesia, has a low risk of scarring and does not require any specific post-procedure care. 

What happens during a cryotherapy session?

At each treatment, the ‘Freeze-thaw-Freeze’ Cycle is used.

Step 1: The CryoPen® applicator is held close to but not touching the lesion and the jet of nitrous oxide is directed at the lesion for the required number of seconds, usually 5-30 seconds depending on the size of the lesion.

Step 2: The tissue is allowed to thaw for about 30seconds. There may be some redness on the lesion.

Step 3: Step 1 is repeated but maybe for a shorter duration

Is the treatment painful?

There will be a pain sensation similar to a ballpoint pen being pushed onto the skin when the nitrous oxide reaches the bottom of the lesion. There might be a little residual stinging sensation for a few minutes after the treatment. Occasionally a blister might form and persist for several hours.

What should I do after the treatment?

After treatment, the area should be left uncovered to heal. It should not be occluded with any dressing or creams. A scab will form, and this should be allowed to fall off naturally.

There are no limits on activities except to protect the area from damage or abrasion. Swimming and showering are not a problem.

A follow-up visit is recommended to confirm all treatment is completed or to complete follow-up treatment after a specified interval.

Are there any side effects?

CryoPen® treatment is relatively low risk and side effects and complications are usually minimal.

There are a few side effects that may occur after treatment, including:

  1. Pigmentary changes: Both hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin) and Hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin). Both can last a few months and rarely for long periods. This is more common in darker skin types.
  2. Nerve damage: Although rare, damage to nerves is possible, particularly in areas where they lie closer to the surface of the skin, such as the fingers, the wrist, and the area behind the ear. Reports suggest this will disappear within several months.
  3. Shards of frozen ice: The CryoPen®delivers nitrous oxide under high pressure hence minor shards of frozen ice may blow out. They will thaw on contact with healthy skin.
  4. Hair follicle damage and permanent alopecia or loss of hair may occur.
How long will the results last?

For most lesions, cryotherapy is a permanent removal.

Some lesions are harder to remove than others and require several aggressive treatments.

How many treatments will I require?

Most small common warts will respond to a single treatment. However certain types and very deep ones can be difficult to remove and require several treatments.

In general, most lesions require a follow-up treatment in 2-3weeks (cost of which is included in the initial fee) but if 4weeks have passed, you will require new treatment with cost implications.

Verrucas normally need 2 treatments 7days apart(cost of which is included in the initial fee) again if 10days have passed, you will require new treatment with cost implications.

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