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What would you say to a treatment that would stimulate your skin to repair itself and reveal brighter, glowing skin?

Yes, please!

How does microneedling work?

A device is used to deliver thousands of micropuncture wounds to the skin. The skin then reacts by releasing repair agents and starts to remodel itself. If there was scar tissue in the area, the powerful healing process initiated triggers a breakdown of the scar tissue and reformation of healthy tissue. This is a huge advantage for acne scarring and surgical scars.

Medical microneedling

Why have I chosen the Derma FNS Microneedling device?

At Skin Enhance Clinic, I use the Derma FNS pen for microneedling. This is an advanced automated device with an excellent safety profile. It does not allow cross-contamination. It features motorised technology to push the needles into the skin and pull them out before the next insertion delivering more than 70,000 tiny holes per minute. Unlike a simple dermal roller, the FNS device is much more powerful being run on mains electricity and creates precise uniform vertical insertions at the same desired depth every time. A dermal roller simply rolls on the skin causing wider V-shaped holes. This causes unnecessary trauma to the skin surface resulting in more downtime after the procedure. The aim of microneedling is not to cause too much damage to the surface layer but specifically target the dermal layer where the collagen stimulation process can take place.

This device allows the depth of the needle to be digitally adjusted so that all areas of the face can be needled during a single treatment. For example, a shallow depth will be used on bony and delicate areas whereas deeper insertions are performed on the cheeks.

A post-procedural serum can be applied immediately after the treatment to maximise its absorption and harness its healing properties.

A comparison of the tissue injury caused by the Derma FNS compared to a Dermal Roller is shown below:

Derma FNS Microneedling device

How does this benefit your skin?

Improvement of fine lines and wrinkles as skin becomes plumper with extra collagen.

Improvement of old acne or surgical scars.

Minimisation of pore size.

Reduce and remove surface pigmentation.

In someone with no specific skin concern, micro-needling works as a skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenating treatment to improve skin texture quality and health.

What can you expect after treatment? 

Immediately after the treatment, you would expect some redness and pinprick bleeding. These will settle over 24 to 48 hours. Make-up should be avoided for at least 24 hours. There might be some flaking which should settle by the end of the week. A complimentary post-procedure pack is provided  for use during the week following microneedling.

Two weeks after micro-needling the skin will be noticeably brighter and healthier. The collagen stimulation will continue for weeks to come. You should avoid facials and active ingredients for a week after the treatment while the skin is healing. Cosmetic injectable treatments and skin peels should be avoided for two weeks following needling. Sunscreen is advisable to be used on a daily basis to protect the new skin and prevent new damage.

A course of 3 to 4 sessions done every six weeks produces optimal benefit and once this is completed a maintenance regime every three months is recommended. Once the scarring has improved by microneedling, there is no reversal. Therefore, it’s a successful treatment.

If you would like to find out more or book your consultation and treatment, contact Skin Enhance Clinic

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