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Glowing skin is desired by everyone. Here’s how you can achieve and maintain glowing skin during and after the lockdown – Exfoliate, Hydrate and Protect.

As you may already know, the outermost skin cells are dead skin cells that can give your skin a dull appearance. So, if you can find the most suitable exfoliator for your skin type, you can remove this topmost layer. Consequently, you will then reveal a newer, softer, smoother, less visibly lined skin! Not only that, anything that removes the topmost layer also stimulates the skin. It will function better and be far more efficient in producing new cells by speeding up your skin turnover.

Read on to find out what ingredients to look for in your skincare.

What can you use to exfoliate your skin at home?

There are 2 ways of Exfoliating your skin

You can exfoliate your skin mechanically. By using a scrub that rubs on the skin, you will remove dead skin. However, This is not always suitable for all skin types and may leave micro-tears on the skin. Hence, it is best to look for medical grade products. These use smooth spherical crystals to glide over your skin without causing damage. With this type of exfoliation, you achieve an immediate polishing effect on the skin.

How to use ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish

Glowing skin

You can exfoliate your skin using chemical acids or exfoliants. These dissolve the bonds between skin cells so that the dead skin sloughs away revealing glowing new skin. With all acids, you may need to gradually build your tolerance especially if you have sensitive skin.

Chemical Exfoliants suitable for home use

Chemical exfoliants include alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), common examples being glycolic acid and lactic acid. Unlike the chemical peels you have in the clinic, home skincare products containing these acids produce gradual, gentle chemical exfoliation. With continued use, you can even increase collagen production deep within your skin.

Beta hydroxy acids like salicylic acid are attracted to oil. So it is the ideal choice for oily or blemish-prone skin. This acid has the added benefit of being an anti-inflammatory agent.

Other options are polyhydroxy acids like lactobionic acid and gluconolactone. These are similar to AHAs but have the advantage of being less irritating to the skin. Hence they suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Fruits enzymes ‘digest’ dead skin cells to achieve gentle exfoliation without irritation.

Incorporating the above ingredients into your homecare in the following will help you exfoliate your skin and achieve glowing skin.

Glowing skin

How can you hydrate your skin during the lockdown?

Hydration within your skin is provided by Hyaluronic acid. This is a sugar molecule naturally produced within your skin. Being capable of holding on to 1000 times it’s weight in water, helps maintain your skin hydration and suppleness. But your level drops with increasing age. Younger skin containing higher levels of hyaluronic acid gives it a plump, dewy, and bouncy appearance.

You can increase your skin’s production of hyaluronic acid by stimulating it with a good quality Vitamin C serum and Vitamin A derivatives like retinoids. Additionally, you can purchase low molecular weight hyaluronic acid-containing serums to replenish the levels in your skin. Best results are achieved by incorporating skin-supporting ingredients. These include niacinamide, antioxidants,  peptides, ceramides, fatty acids, etc.

A few of my wonderful patients use the lockdown periods to boost their results. By integrating prescription-strength ingredients into their home skincare, we have achieved some amazing results and headway in their progress. Some skincare products like retinoids do produce some temporary skin irritation on the skin. Practical solutions have been staying indoors and using face covering when outdoors.

Protecting your skin

Don’t forget to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin. Especially important while using active ingredients, it should be applied whether you are indoors or outdoors. Pick a sunscreen that you are happy with as you would need to reapply throughout the day. My favourite is the Colorescience sunforgettable Total protection Brush-on Sheild SPF 50. I love how effortlessly I can brush it on anywhere for water-resistant mineral protection.

About moisturising

Be wary of vague claims on moisturiser labels instead look for hydrators for your skin. Hydrators draw water from the inside to hydrate the skin without blocking your pores. This is especially important if you have blemish-prone skin.

During the Lockdown, my recommendations from the clinic for home care kits for skin hydration include AlumierMD @Home Hydration kit and the newly launched At-home Hydration Facial Kit from Obagi Medical. Do get in contact if you would like more information on how to purchase these.

If you would like to get a bespoke approach to your skin concerns, contact me at Skin Enhance And Wellness where I offer a variety of skincare products including prescription-only skincare. It is best to have a consultation first to assess suitability and start home treatment to aim for a well hydrated and exfoliated skin. This will make your skin glow naturally!

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