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Mesotherapy & Biorevitalisation

Mesotherapy and Biorevitalisation

Mesotherapy involves injection of small amounts of a specially prepared mixture of substances such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, arbutin, etc. directly a few millimetres into the deeper layers of the skin to nourish and plump up the skin.
Here at Skin Enhance Clinic we use the RRS range which is designed to repair, refill and stimulate the skin, providing ideal hyrobalance and biorevitalising your skin. The RRS range have over fifteen different products in total, which means Dr Tash can formulate the ideal combination for each individual client’s needs and desired outcomes.

Mesotherapy is commonly used for the following reasons:

Treating skin laxity
Improving skin texture
Improving the skin’s overall tone
Enhancing hydration
Reducing sun damage
Reducing uneven pigmentation
Reducing under eye pigmentation
Reducing under eye puffiness

On the Body Mesotherapy and Biorevitalisation can be used for stretch mark reduction and cellulite reduction.

At a Glance

NUMBER OF TREATMENTSRecommended Protocol for RRS® is Usually 4-6 treatments 1 week apart with maintenance programme afterwards. The number of treatments depends on the condition being treated.
RECOVERY TIME12 - 48hours
ANAESTHETICTopical cream for 20 - 30 mins before procedure, however, this may cause skin redness or skin hypersensitivity post procedure.
BACK TO NORMALUsually immediate however some may experience some swelling, redness and the skin might feel tighter than usual.
FINAL RESULTSVaries but some noticeable improvement 4 weeks after 1 treatment.
POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONSSoreness, redness, skin irritation, bruises, swelling, local inflammation and infection. Allergic reaction-rare.
PRECAUTIONS POST PROCEDUREAvoid for 24hrs: Strenuous exercise/ makeup/sauna/extreme temperatures.
Avoid for 3days: active/prescriptive skincare containing alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids. Avoid emollients, dyes/colouring agents.
Avoid for 14-28days: Direct sun exposure .
ContraindicationsPregnancy and Breastfeeding, Allergy to any of the ingredients.
What conditions is this suitable for?Acne scars (not active acne), Hyperpigmentation, Fine lines and wrinkles of face and décolletage.
Stretch marks and Cellulite reduction
Any pre-treatment necessary?Anyone suffering with cold sores would be advised to have prophylactic treatment.

Disclaimer: Each person is unique so there will always be variation in individual response to treatment, recovery, and downtime following treatment. Please bear in mind that the above are estimates. Please book an appointment with me for your tailor-made treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does mesotherapy work?
By injecting the active ingredients directly into the skin layer where it is needed, I can be precise in targeting the problematic area. The advantage of this is to be able to replace minerals and vitamins and collagen stimulating agents into ageing skin, brightening agents into pigmented areas, etc.
What happens during a mesotherapy session?
A local anaesthetic is usually applied for 20-30 minutes before the procedure and most patients do report a little discomfort. A pre-decided cocktail of ingredients based on the consultation are injected using a fine needle. There may be minor bleeding points at the injection sites. The process takes about 20-30 minutes. An SPF if usually applied and make up should be avoided to prevent infection. You can normally return to normal activities after treatment.
What can I expect after the treatment?
The possible side effects are redness, some swelling, tightness and itching that might last for up to 2 days. Allergic reaction to the products is possible but rare. I will give you my personal mobile number to use if you have any concerns. It is advisable not to wear makeup and avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours after the procedure. You will be given advice on skincare post procedure, as your skin will be sensitive for a few days. It is very important that you wear sunscreen for at least a week post procedure. Avoid intensive sunlight for 2-3 weeks post procedure. It is recommended to have a good skincare routine with sunscreen following the procedure to gain optimal results. Aftercare information sheets will be provided post procedure and I will be happy to offer any advice you need, on this.
How do I maintain a blemish free skin?
It is recommended that you continue with a maintenance Mesotherapy programme with or without a prescription based skincare routine.

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Five Good Reasons To Choose Skin Enhance And Wellness 

Just what makes our cosmetic skin and wellness clinic so unique?

Here are five reasons why you should choose us when you are considering cosmetic treatment.

  1. The guiding principle of Skin Enhance And Wellness is to deliver exceptional patient care and Dr Tash always has her patient’s welfare at heart.

2. You start with a face-to-face consultation and there will be plenty of time to consider all your options, and ask any questions you might have before you decide, together with Dr Tash, what treatment is right for you.

3. Dr Tash will work with you to identify the correct solution for you, one that is appropriate for your needs and meets your expectations.

4. Dr Tash only ever uses the best products that are sourced for her clinic through official UK Pharmacies eliminating, as far as is possible, any risk to her patients and assuring the quality of the treatments given.

5. While Dr Tash knows that to most people having cosmetic treatment is all about being more confident, she firmly believes that consultation can also help to reduce any emotional and psychological effects that a patient might be experiencing with some skin conditions. There are many other things that Dr Tash can advise you on, and these include professional skincare products and maintaining healthy skin and wellbeing.