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In winter your skin gets exposed to contrasting temperatures making it more susceptible to sensitivity, dryness and dullness. Yet, glowing skin is seen as a sign of healthy skin. So how do you maintain the summer glow during the colder months? Here are my top tips for getting your skin winter-ready.

First up is exfoliation. Get booked in for your skin peels to buff away damaged skin and reveal more radiant skin. 

How do skin peels work? 

Having a chemical peel involves the application of acid on the skin surface under controlled conditions. The acid helps to break the connections between skin cells which may lead to flaking or peeling the following week. 

Skin peels vary in depth causing mild to moderate exfoliation. You can actually achieve amazing progressive results with repeated mild peels instead of deeper peels. Mild peels have many advantages. Firstly, they are less expensive. Secondly, they are quick to perform making them ideal ‘lunchtime’ peels. Thirdly, they require less downtime hence do not affect your social life. Most importantly, as they do not penetrate very deep, they have a very low risk of complications.

During the summer months, there is an increased chance of sun exposure before or after the procedure raising the risk of pigmentation after procedures (post-inflammatory pigmentation). Fortunately, the UV index is lower in the colder months making them more ideal for skin peels.

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Collagen within your skin is what gives it hydration and bounce. Unfortunately, after the age of 30, there is a natural decline in your collagen levels. This is due to a faster breakdown compared to the production. After menopause, there’s an accelerated drop giving rise to deeper wrinkles. 

Look at ways to protect your skin and boost its collagen levels.

So how can you bank your collagen to fight the decline?

Book yourself in for some skin boosters

Profhilo is very popular for restoring your skin’s hydration, boosting collagen, and improving skin laxity. A course is 2 to 3 treatments followed by maintenance every 3 months to keep your skin at optimal health. Skin boosters are injected into specific areas of your face. They infuse your skin with vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants to improve fine lines and wrinkles.

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Consider micro-needling to boost your collagen in winter

Suitable for all areas of the face, this helps to break down old collagen and build fresh new collagen. It is an ideal treatment for improving scars as well as general skin rejuvenation. Best results are achieved with a course of 6 sessions done 6 weeks apart with 3 monthly maintenance. Remember to factor in the usual 5-7 day downtime after each treatment. 

Microneedling treatment collagen

What else can you do at home to get your skin winter ready?

Look for collagen-boosting skincare

Here’s where medical-grade skincare comes in. You can stimulate collagen production by using proven ingredients such as vitamin C and Vitamin A derivatives directly on your skin. Make sure the percentage and the formulation are adequate and the packaging is designed to preserve your products. Be patient with your skincare as it takes time for your skin to change. 

I often see patients having used these ingredients but have not seen any improvement. This may be due to the formulation not being potent enough or the regime used could be optimised. I often recommended skincare products that contain raw materials for your skin to produce collagen such as peptides. 

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Opt for gentler cleansers and choose hydrating serums that moisturise without clogging your pores. It may be time to consider good antioxidants like vitamin C serums for your skin to protect it from external agents. 

Don’t ditch your sunscreen in winter

Unlike UVB rays which are higher in summer, UV A radiation is present 365days per year. UVA penetrates much deeper and causes more damage! Make sure you protect your skin everyday. 

In winter, there are different insults to your skin. Contrast in temperatures from cold, windy outdoors to warmer indoor environments can play havoc on your skin. Having hot showers can strip moisture from the skin surface drying it out. Hope my top tips help you to keep your glow. 

If you are looking for a bespoke treatment plan for your skin, come and see me in my discreet clinic in Billericay, Essex.

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