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There is a common misconception amongst many people that a chemical peel would leave their face red, damaged, burned or even scarred permanently. It is worth bearing in mind that since ancient times, milk containing lactic acid was used for rejuvenation and is still used in many cultures.


What does a chemical peel do?

Professional Chemical Peels or Medical Skin Peels reduce the acidity of the skin surface using a combination of acids to break the connections between cells. This causes the uppermost layer to peel away revealing the healthy normal skin below. Recent advances in formulations have produced powerful acid combinations but with minimal downtime. This results in exfoliation of the surface layer while simultaneously stimulating skin plumping in the deeper layers. This is far superior to any facials or dermabrasion available in salons.


Are Chemical peels safe?

I would like to reassure you that all ‘Chemical peels’ performed at Skin Enhance Clinic involve accelerated exfoliation but are yet powerful treatments. These Medical skin peels are able to achieve intense exfoliation within minutes. Comparable home treatments can usually take up to two weeks for the same effect!


How deep are the peels?

The depth of the chemical peel varies from superficial, medium depth to deep peels.

Superficial peels, as the name suggests do not penetrate deep. They are safer, have lower downtime, and have a low risk of complications. After a peel, some people may experience sun sensitivity, scarring, and pigmentation if susceptible. Some peels do not require any preparation and can be done as a “red-carpet-ready” treatment with minimal downtime. These include Obagi® Blue Peel Radiance, ZO®Skin Health Stimulator Peel, and AlumierMD Radiant 30 Peel. The skin has an instant brightening effect due to the removal of the surface dead skin layer.

Other peels require preparation of the skin with homecare prior to the professional treatment to minimise the risk of side effects. Peels that require this type of preparation include AlumierMD Glow Peel, ZO® Skin Health 3-Step Peel, NeoStrata® Pro-Systems Glycolic Peels, and Retinol Peels.


What can you expect after a chemical peel?

Although it is possible for the skin to feel tight afterward, you may get mild flaking for a few days. However, not everyone experiences these effects. This is what is meant by “you don’t have to peel after a peel”. In these situations, your skin is being exfoliated while washing and not going through visible peeling.



It is important to follow the aftercare advice. Try to use gentle products after a skin peel to encourage skin healing. The cleanser used should be gentle enough but not contain any chemical exfoliants. A highly moisturising serum is required to provide adequate hydration to support the skin. Broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must to protect the newly exposed skin from UV damage. It is extremely important not to pick the skin and let it peel naturally as picking can cause damage to the skin. It goes without saying to allow sufficient time for skin to heal before other treatments.

Advantages of Medical Skin Peels

Firstly, the advantage of Medial Skin Peels is that the doctor is always in control. They are observing the skin very carefully for expected changes and unwanted effects. In the more advanced peels, if the patient’s skin is too sensitive, the peel can be neutralised immediately.  Secondly, the exfoliation effects achieved in these professional treatments can accelerate your progress. Helping you reach your optimal goal sooner! Thirdly, medical skin peels can target multiple problems with one treatment:

Should you have a one-off treatment or a course of treatment?

Having regular professional skin peels at specific intervals gives the best results. The interval depends on the condition being treated. However, if you don’t maintain the peels, the skin reverts back to being sluggish. It becomes less efficient giving rise to a dull complexion. Moreover, the uneven tone and texture return.

By having light-medium depth peels regularly you can achieve safe, progressive results which are long-lasting.


Why consider a skin peel at Skin Enhance Clinic?

All the treatments are carried out by myself. I have had extensive training in each of the brands of peels I offer. Having had personal experience in all of the skin peels I perform, I am able to give a personal perspective as well as professional advice.

The skincare regime complements the skin peels brilliantly. I often give my patients the option of starting with a red-carpet ready peel and then commence the appropriate skincare routine or vice versa.

When you attend a consultation at Skin Enhance Clinic, you can have a skin analysis by the Observe Skin Scanner. By having your skin analysed right at the onset, your progress can be closely monitored helping you achieve your desired outcome.

Medical Skin Peels

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