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Weight Management Programme

Excess Body Weight

Excess weight gain can be caused by genetic, hormonal as well as environmental factors. When the bodyweight is above the desired level then there are risks of metabolic, mechanical and mental complications. These include day-to-day problems as well as long term health risks.


It has been shown than a 5-10% reduction in body weight can greatly reduce long term weight-related complications however a 5% weight loss is very difficult to achieve and keep off.

Why is it so hard to keep weight off once you have managed to lose some weight?

Your body likes to maintain an equilibrium and since the increase in your body weight occurs over a lengthy period of time, your body tries to maintain this weight. Once you have lost some weight your body will naturally aim to increase your weight by burning fewer calories and making you hungrier! This is why quick-fix weight loss do not work.


Your long term weight management must include a long-term plan to keep the weight off.


By starting and maintaining a planned, supported weight loss management programme,

you can improve your appearance and body image and ultimately your self-esteem.


If interested please contact the clinic for more detailed information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend regular consultations?
Yes, monthly appointments will help to assess your progress, monitor your health and set realistic goals.
Will I be prescribed medications to help?

You may be offered medication (Saxenda) to help if suitable after the initial consultation.

Where do I get my medication from?
Your prescription will be delivered to you.
How much will the medication cost me?
You will be given this information at the consultation if you are eligible for medication.
Do I have to be on this treatment for life?
The decision to stay on treatment or terminate treatment will be made between yourself and Dr Tash. There are no set rules. However, if you are reaping the benefits and the quality of your life has noticeably improved, there isn’t a reason to stop the treatment.
How quickly will the treatment begin to work?
Weight reduction may be noticeable after 8 weeks but generally, results are seen between twelve to sixteen weeks.
Do I have to change my diet?
You will be given advice on how to amend your eating habits. This includes correctly portioning your plate, reducing portion sizes, sticking to regular mealtimes and advice about snacks.
Do I have to exercise?
Regular physical activity has many benefits to your health and wellbeing. By starting with small steps and choosing activities you enjoy you can make a positive change to your lifestyle.

Patient Journey and Cost of Treatment

Here is a guideline of weight management programme at Skin Enhance And Wellness, however, individual treatment schedules may differ.

Initial Consultation (Up to 30mins via video or face-to-face) £99

In-depth consultation

Monthly Follow-up Consultations (Up to 30minutes online or face-to-face) Available after the initial consultation

Follow-up and monitoring


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Five Good Reasons To Choose Skin Enhance And Wellness 

Just what makes our cosmetic skin and wellness clinic so unique?

Here are five reasons why you should choose us when you are considering cosmetic treatment.

  1. The guiding principle of Skin Enhance And Wellness is to deliver exceptional patient care and Dr Tash always has her patient’s welfare at heart.

2. You start with a face-to-face consultation and there will be plenty of time to consider all your options, and ask any questions you might have before you decide, together with Dr Tash, what treatment is right for you.

3. Dr Tash will work with you to identify the correct solution for you, one that is appropriate for your needs and meets your expectations.

4. Dr Tash only ever uses the best products that are sourced for her clinic through official UK Pharmacies eliminating, as far as is possible, any risk to her patients and assuring the quality of the treatments given.

5. While Dr Tash knows that to most people having cosmetic treatment is all about being more confident, she firmly believes that consultation can also help to reduce any emotional and psychological effects that a patient might be experiencing with some skin conditions. There are many other things that Dr Tash can advise you on, and these include professional skincare products and maintaining healthy skin and wellbeing.