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Profhilo® BODY is a new treatment specifically targeting the skin laxity of the abdomen and inner arms.

You may have heard of Profhilo® that is used on the face, hands, neck, and decolletage. Utilising the same technology, Profhilo® BODY helps to remodel the skin and improve skin laxity in the body. It delivers the highest concentration of ultrapure hyaluronic acid produced using a unique and patented technology. Currently, it is the only injectable treatment specifically intended for the treatment of the body skin laxity.

Research has shown that within the aesthetic industry 80% of our time is dedicated to the face with only 20% to the body. When it comes to women’s bodies, the commonest body imperfection is skin laxity. This is dependent on many factors and does not affect all women at a specific age. The commonest area of the body affected by skin laxity is the abdomen and the inner arms. Women often choose to wear clothes that cover these areas. Now we have a treatment that can help improve this hence giving women their confidence back!

What causes skin laxity?

As we age, genetic and environmental influences such as our lifestyle and our habits cause changes within the skin. This leads to the skin experiencing reduced skin hydration as well as alteration of collagen and elastic fibers within it. Collagen within the skin is what gives its strength and elastin gives elasticity. Losing skin laxity will cause your skin to lose its structural integrity and begin to droop. 

Just like regular Profhilo® prevention is better than cure and addressing this early can prevent worsening of skin laxity. As an innovative treatment, Profhilo® BODY is a quick treatment with minimal or no downtime. 

How does Profhilo® BODY work?

During the injection, the optimal quantity of patented hyaluronic acid is brought directly into the tissue requiring modification. Here, it does three things. Firstly, it encourages the multiplication of the correct type of skin cells (proliferation). Secondly, it improves cell movement and relocation (migration). Thirdly, it promotes their arrangement (organisation) within the tissue. Additionally, it opposes any damage to normal skin tissue by free radicals in this region. The result is skin remodeling with improvement in skin laxity.

Why is Profhilo® BODY specific for the abdomen and inner arm?

These areas have been identified as the most at-risk of skin laxity on the body. Hence, they will benefit the most from Profhilo BODY. The abdominal skin undergoes various changes in a woman’s life for example after pregnancy or following weight loss. The skin of the inner arm is thought to be the most vulnerable part for the development of skin laxity.

What does the treatment involve?

After an in-depth consultation, the area to be treated is marked out and cleaned. A specified amount of Profhilo BODY is injected at each point to maximise the results.

Following this, a soothing and mositurising body patch (Profhilo FIGURA Body Patch) is applied to the treated area. This contains 4 different ingredients to soothe and hydrate the skin immediately after treatment. There is a complex of hyaluronic acids to hydrate and protect the skin. Arnica helps to soothe provide relief. Escin helps to prevent swelling. A patented antioxidant Salvia Haenkei helps to protect the skin. You will go home with the body patch and leave it on for 2-3 hours.

Once home, you will be using the multi-active remodeling and toning serum Profohilo FIGURA Body Cream on the treated area between sessions. It has a silky texture and absorbs fast giving tone, elasticity, and deep hydration. It contains two main ingredients. A complex of hyaluronic acids to protect the skin, restoring and preserving as well as hydrating it. Matrixyl 3000 is a combination of two peptides that promote tissue remodeling and help the better performance of the skin. This is best applied once or twice daily and gently massaged until completely absorbed.

For optimal results, you will require 2 treatments one month apart and this course is repeated every 6 months.

Click on the link below if you want to organise a bespoke consultation in my clinic in Billericay, Essex. I recommend a face-to-face consultation for assessment and treatment planning.

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