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If you are curious about what is hidden beneath the surface of your skin, a detailed skin analysis would reveal abnormalities not visible to the naked eye.

Everyone’s skin is different. So how do we accurately diagnose a person’s skin type and skin issues so that these can be addressed appropriately? This is where the advanced, state of the art, diagnostic tool, Observ® 520 Skin analyser comes in handy to provide your skin analysis!

If you as a patient understand your skin, you are in a better position to understand why a skincare product or treatment has been recommended for you. There will be a digital record of your skin before your treatment and after so you can see for yourself whether it has improved.


How do I prepare my skin for skin analysis?


The skin needs to be in its natural state, free of any products, for an accurate analysis. So, you simply need to cleanse with an appropriate cleanser and not apply anything for 1-2 hours. This ensures that the skin reverts to its natural state of oil levels, pores, bacteria level and so on for the analysis.


Here are the images from my latest skin analysis this week from Observ®:


What do the images show?


  1. The Daylight image is a ‘control’ image. That means it is taken without interference from daylight or artificial lights in the room. It is the ‘true’ image we would use to compare with other images produced by the analyser.


  1. The Cross polarized image explores just beneath the top layer looking at blood vessels and pigmentation. This would show up any skin inflammation and/or broken capillaries.


  1. The Parallel polarized image enhances the skin’s surface textures. In this image, textural irregularities, fine lines and wrinkles are clearly exposed. It can also identify excess hardening of the skin, blackheads and enlarged pores.


  1. The True UV image uses harmless levels of Ultraviolet light to penetrate the top layer of skin thereby turning the human skin into a lamp. This creates a very clear image compared to other handheld devices. Skin problems exposed include melasma, sun damage, freckles, thinning skin, dry skin, clogged pores, normal pores and normal oil flow. Normal bacteria on the skin surface is highlighted by bright red coloured spots as the porphyrins produced by the bacteria become florescent in this light.


  1. This Wood’s light image is specific for looking at sebaceous gland activity. This can unveil oily skin, dry skin or combination skin.


  1. The Complexion image is a combination of all the other images. It can expose changes to the skin tone due to sun-damage which varies on different areas of the face.


Here are some examples of how skin analysis reveals more than expected.


I am very grateful to my patients who have given explicit consent for me to share these images for educational purposes.

I hope you can appreciate how the Observ® 520 Skin Analyser is able to bring multiple skin issues to the surface.

What does this skin analysis reveal?

What does this skin analysis reveal?

What does this skin analysis reveal?

What does this skin analysis reveal?


Why is this skin analysis important?



The skin analysis is important because the images can be used to differentiate difficult to distinguish diagnoses. For example melasma, sun damage and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.


Being able to diagnose problems with secretions on the skin surface, textures of the surface, as well as inflammation and skin infections all from an analysis that takes less than a minute is ingenious.


The Observ® skin analyser helps me accurately diagnose your skin type as well as skin imperfections at the surface or deeper layers. The advanced technology produces very clear images within seconds so that treatment plans can be formulated accurately. Once on a regime, the skin analyser can be used to monitor progress throughout.


You can read about how I manage some of these concerns on my website:


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