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Facial fillers contain hyaluronic acid. They act like sponges holding on to hydration and plumping the area. Hence, they are an amazing way of restoring volume and lifting facial features. As facial fillers affect how light falls and reflect off your face, we can take advantage of this in treatment delivery. As a non-surgical treatment, fillers would dissolve away after a period of time without leaving scars or permanent changes. But, it is easy to get carried away so how do you know when enough is enough?

Why do we use facial fillers

There are 2 main reasons for considering facial fillers. Firstly, in a mature face, facial fillers are used for rejuvenation. Secondly, they can be used for the beautification of a youthful face. Read on to find out about this important difference.

Facial fillers for rejuvenation

As we age, there is more heaviness in the lower face. This is due to gravitational pull and changes within the face. Facial fillers can be used to provide structural support to lift and enhance the face. This allows some of the youthful features to be restored synergistically without looking overfilled.

In practice, most patients present with excessive folds and deep lines in the lower face. As all areas of the face go through the ageing process, I encourage my patients to consider a full face approach. Firstly, I would discuss cosmetic injectables such as facial fillers and antiwrinkle injections as they make the most noticeable change. Then, I would recommend collagen-stimulating treatments to improve skin quality. Most importantly, I would suggest at-home skincare to complement clinic treatments and improve skin health.

The commonest treatment I perform is cheek augmentation. The cheeks are one of the first areas where we lose volume. Flat cheeks give an impression of tiredness. I find that supporting this area first instead of chasing lines gives an overall natural result. The aim of treatment is restoration. Hence, adding more volume to an already full lower face is avoided. After the initial restoration, we can fill the superficial lines but only if required.

Here are some examples of cheek enhancement done harmoniously.

facial fillers
cheek filler
facial fillers

Some of my patients complain of lines around the lips and the lips themselves turning inwards. Facial fillers can rejuvenate this area in two ways. Firstly, by re-volumising the lips, we can hydrate and plump them. Secondly, the lines above the lips can be directly treated with fillers. Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to relax the muscles around the lips.

Here are some examples of treatment done to enhance the lips while softening the lines above the lips.

lip lines and lips
lip lines and lips
lips and lip lines

Facial fillers for beautification

Facial fillers are fantastic for beautification. Here we use fillers to enhance the cheeks, volumise the lips, sculpt the jawline to give more feminine or masculine features. However, placing the filler in the wrong position can inadvertently masculinise a feminine face. For example, men have a square jawline while women have a softer curvy jawline. If facial fillers are used to create sharp edges on a female face, you can make them look more masculine. Conversely, giving too much projection to a male cheek can make them look too feminine. 

Here are some examples of lip fillers performed to give volume without looking overdone.

facial fillers
facial fillers
facial fillers

How much filler do you need to look good?

This is where the consultation is key. By performing a facial analysis to look at proportions, symmetry, and volume loss in the face, we can formulate a treatment plan taking into account your features and lifestyle. This ensures that treatment is only performed when necessary for the patient. We repeatedly see unusual or exaggerated facial features such as overinflated cheeks and over stretched lips. Looking at these faces actually gives facial fillers a bad name. The truth is those that have really good work done do not reveal they have had any treatment done!

As health care professionals, it is our duty to say no to a patient when appropriate so that our patients don’t look ‘done’.  Most of my patients want natural-looking results. They want to look well-rested and good for their age and that’s what I specialise in!

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